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Aug 17, 2018

On episode 19 of Marketing For eCommerce, I outlined the first 2 mindset strategies that have the power to change the way you approach your business. On this episode, I explain the final 2 strategies that, when combined with the others, give you an arsenal of tools to use throughout your eCommerce journey. I also give you actionable items that make adopting these mindset strategies easier than ever before. You don’t want to miss hearing about how simply shifting your mindset can give you exponential results. I promise this episode will be worth your time, so give it a listen!

Mindset Strategy #3 - Hone in on your vision

Having a solid vision is best explained by thinking about the difference between a push and a pull. When starting an eCommerce venture, many entrepreneurs use sheer willpower to push through adversity and overcome obstacles. However, willpower is a limited resource! It will only take you so far before you start to feel exhausted and burnt out. That’s why vision, a force that pulls you towards your ultimate goal, is a better mindset to focus on. Simply put, vision = pull = passion. Your vision is what will inspire and encourage you to keep going when the days are long and your to-do list is longer.

Use this exercise to discover the “why” behind your vision

So how can you uncover your true vision? Use this writing exercise to discover the “why” behind what you’re doing. Take 20-30 focused minutes and start by identifying exactly what you want. Then, decide WHY you want it. Follow that by continually asking yourself “why” to the answers you write down.

After 4, 5, or even 7 rounds of asking yourself “why” and answering honestly, you’ll get into your true vision. Identifying the core of your idea will unlock immense amounts of power and passion. You also need to remember that this “why” doesn’t have to be long-term! It also doesn’t have to be written eloquently, as long as it motivates you and captures the heart of why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Mindset Strategy #4 - Take deliberate action towards your business goals

One of my favorite quotes is from Einstein. He said, “Nothing happens until something moves.” Taking dedicated action steps towards your eCommerce dreams will set you apart from your competition because success doesn’t come from extremes 90% of the time. You just have to consistently do average, or slightly above average, work to see results. You CAN have extraordinary success from doing the ordinary, it just takes persistence and dedication. By adopting a mindset strategy of taking action each and every day, I promise it’ll give you the great results you’ve been searching for.

How can you create an action plan that drives success?

Every immensely successful person approaches their day with a specific action plan. They don’t let themselves get bogged down by distractions or “emergencies” that demand immediate attention. Creating an action plan that actually works starts by scheduling your day the night before. List out your 4-5 most important items and assign them time blocks. Keep in mind that these time blocks are only for your critical tasks - not email, messages, meetings, etc. These 4-5 time blocks should not exceed 6 hours.

If you script out your days as such for months at a time, you’ll see yourself eliminating “wasteful” days from your schedule. You’ll consistently achieve your goals and your business success will reflect a more dedicated schedule. For the full story behind this proven method of time management, and to hear even more details on these mindset strategies, don’t miss this podcast episode.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:28] Mindset is the #1 piece missing from most entrepreneur’s success
  • [3:31] Mindset Strategy #3 - Hone in on your vision
  • [7:35] Use this exercise to dive into your vision and “why”
  • [12:25] Mindset Strategy #4 - Take deliberate action when planning your day
  • [16:05] This time management strategy is tremendously effective

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