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Jun 28, 2019

One of the biggest roadblocks for eCommerce sellers is finding the best shopping cart abandonment solutions. No matter what niche - whether you’re selling books, phones, or wallets - only two to three percent of people wake up thinking they need what you’re offering. Fifty percent of shoppers just need a little more time. Focus your attention on this group. Make the buying cycle easier by using these abandonment solutions and sales will radically increase. 

Social proof - use this powerful component to build your eCommerce business

In Robert Cialdini’s book Influence, he emphasizes the significance of social proof. Things like videos, reviews, and testimonials can be used to help buyers make a quick decision. Think about this scenario as an example. You’re sitting in a movie theater and everyone starts running out. Even though you don’t know why you make the quick decision to run out as well. Social proof works in the same way. It makes the shopper look at what the tribe is doing and why they’re doing it. Because of this, it is one of the most effective tools you have available. The bottom line is you can use social proof everywhere. During the entire process, from first-time buyers to repeat customers, social proof can make a major difference in your business. Use it as much as possible. 

The five states of customer awareness

In his book Breakthrough Advertising, Eugene Schwartz talks about the five states of customer awareness. You must understand how aware your target audience is of your offer. This is a key component of making a sale. The five levels are:

  • Level 1 - completely unaware 
  • Level 2 - problem aware
  • Level 3 - solution aware
  • Level 4 - product aware
  • Level 5 - most aware

In Level 1, a person does not know about your product or the need for a solution to a problem. He may not even know that he has a problem. In Level 2, he knows has a problem or realizes he has a need but is unaware of a product that can fulfill that need. Level 3, your prospective buyer knows there is a solution but is unaware of your specific product as a possible solution. A Level 4 prospect knows of your product but is unsure if it’s right for him. The last stage, Level 5 is a prospect who is familiar with your product but is still unsure about purchasing.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Solutions

Knowing these five states of awareness along with social proof methods is powerful. Combining these two concepts amplifies sales. The process looks like this: A customer sees an ad or something that brings him to your site. He reviews your site, clicks images, and possibly reads reviews. He adds to cart but then abandons the cart. 

73% of people on average abandon cart. But the good news is 75% of them fully intend on coming back to finish their purchase.

This is a crucial point in solving the problem of the abandoned cart. You must learn to bridge this gap and get your shopper to return and complete the purchase.

Use the maximum leverage of social proof at abandoned cart

The prospective buyer who abandoned cart is your target audience. This buyer is problem aware, solution aware, and product aware - but he isn’t quite convinced it’s the right product. With this knowledge, it is now up to you to bring them to Level 5 - most aware. You do this through social proof. 

Social proof is good to use at any point in the buying cycle. In the beginning, it gets them interested. After the purchase, it can be good but not necessary. But at the abandoned cart is where you get maximum leverage, so be certain you use it here. You simply need to give the shopper a nudge - the reassurance that this is the right product for him. 

Start a virtuous cycle in your eCommerce business TODAY

Combine the concepts of social proof and customer awareness to help your buyers cross the bridge to become great fans of your business and product. These are the buyers who will become your brand ambassadors - people who provide the social proof to help draw others in. This begins the virtuous cycle you want to start today. It results in increased sales, increased satisfaction, and ultimately a business you can be proud of.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:52] How to skyrocket conversions and boost your profit
  • [3:15] Why social proof is one of the most effective tools you can use
  • [6:17] Learn the importance of knowing the five states of awareness
  • [8:42] Find out the maximum leverage of social proof

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