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Oct 19, 2018

Many eCommerce sellers are content with simply selling on Amazon without a great sales funnel - you should not be one of them! In order to create a truly scalable business, you have to take your model off of Amazon. One of the first steps in this journey is to create a killer sales funnel that will turn your followers into long-term paying customers. On this episode of Marketing For eCommerce, you’ll hear about 2 main considerations to understand when moving your business off-Amazon. I also explain a proven framework that’ll guide you through creating the best sales funnel possible, as well as open the door to an exclusive case study experience you can only get here. You don’t want to miss this - listen now!

Selling without depending on Amazon requires a focus on customer engagement

Scaling your business by not selling strictly on Amazon requires a commitment to engaging with your customers. The challenge is first identifying which people may be interested in your product. Once you’ve identified that market, those are the people you can spend your marketing dollars on. Effectively engage them with your business by keeping your target market small at first and by using a content-heavy marketing strategy. To hear how many successful sellers engage with their target markets, be sure to listen to this episode.

It’s not enough to simply drive traffic to your business, you have to create an audience

Plenty of eCommerce sellers have high click rates, but fewer have high conversion rates. That’s why it’s not enough to simply drive traffic to your storefront. More importantly, you must spend time building a loyal following within your market. Every single potential buyer is bombarded with ads, offers, sales pages, and more. The trick is to capture their attention through your unique selling propositions, blog posts, videos, messenger chatbot conversations, podcast episodes, and more.

Follow this framework to develop a sales funnel that actually works!

Once you’ve developed your customer engagement strategy and are working on building a loyal following, you can divert your attention to creating a killer sales funnel that actually makes conversions. The structure I explain on this episode is proven to be successful for 90% of my clients. Check out the steps below, and catch the full explanation on this episode.

  1. Start with a sales page with pre-sale info, visuals, USPs, etc.
  2. Give them clickable options
  3. Present a user-friendly order form with order bumps
  4. Collect payment
  5. Present your first one-time offer
  6. If they decline the one-time offer, move into a down-sell
  7. If they accept the first one-time offer, take them to one-time offer #2
  8. No matter how they responded to step #5, their final stop is your thank-you page

These top insights will help you create the best sales funnel for your eCommerce business

There are few best practices to keep in mind throughout the entire process of moving your business off of Amazon. After you create and deploy your sales funnel, you need to start taking note of your sales funnel metrics. Begin to identify the click-through rates on your sales page, order form, and completed order form. You can also refine your retargeting and remarketing strategies to capture the “almost customers.” This process is not one to be taken lightly, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Luckily, I have a special case study that reinforces these ideas and makes your eCommerce journey easier. Be sure to check it out here!

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:30] You have to have an off-Amazon sales system if you want to succeed
  • [2:46] Step #1 - Selling without Amazon relies on customer engagement
  • [8:05] Step #2 - Don’t just drive traffic, create an audience
  • [13:13] Follow these guidelines to build your best scalable business
  • [16:46] A sales funnel structure that ACTUALLY works
  • [19:50] Understand your sales funnel math for your best chances of success
  • [25:36] Top insights for creating a high-converting sales funnels
  • [27:19] Retargeting and remarketing to maximize sales
  • [30:20] Post-purchase and longterm value best practices

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