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May 3, 2019

What is the key that generates both predictable and profitable sales in your eCommerce business? It’s your audience. If you want a proven method to show you how to convert traffic, to get people to actually buy your product - focus on your audience. You may often spend time trying to figure out if you’re targeting the right audience. You might even question whether or not you have a solid sales process.

Although these are legitimate concerns, it’s crucial that you shift your thinking. Go to my website where I review a video case study and give a detailed breakdown of how to build a profitable eCommerce business. I share a proven system that generates predictable sales that will work in your business.

Build a loyal audience for your business

Harry’s is a razor company that exemplifies how building your audience pays off. This small company has been successful at taking away market share from big companies like Gillette. They have their own barber shop in New York City. They also have a thriving magazine called Five O’ Clock. They are making a huge impact and it all started with their audience. They initiated their business by gathering nearly 100,000 email addresses in one week. In their first week of business, they were flooded by tweets, emails, and customer phone calls.

Harry’s initiated a snowball effect. The snowball continued to gain momentum as they created goodwill and provided value. They also nurtured their audience. Once that started happening they began building loyalty and repeat business.

Profitable sales come through an audience, not more traffic

When your audience is cultivated and taken care of, it becomes a reservoir you can return to over and over. In many instances, traffic is a “one-and-done,” meaning a person may visit your website once and be done. It’s often difficult to get that person to convert into an actual customer. And if he does become a customer, he is only a one-time buyer. However, when you take the time to build your audience, it becomes a resource of repeat business.

What a launch list can do to propel your eCommerce business forward

The hardest part of starting a business is knowing what to do first. One of my clients with a fitness niche found themselves in this spot. They literally had no idea where to start. However, when they came to me, I showed them how to go from a simple concept to a product launch. I helped them build a large launch list. We built a list of approximately 20,000 people in a very short amount of time. With that list, from the very outset, they were able to get results. They not only launched their brand, but also future products. The audience is where the power lies. You must make that mental shift of realizing that traffic is good, but the audience is better. Your audience will beat out traffic every single time.

Change your customer mindset to impact your eCommerce business

This simple shift in thinking and focusing on your audience will have a massive impact on your business. Predictable and profitable sales will be the result. Don’t spend your time focusing on whether or not you’re targeting the right people. As a brand owner, you must grow the brand and scale it. This will only come from your raving fans - from the audience you spend time nurturing. When you focus on building that audience, it becomes the big domino that falls and initiates the momentum your business needs. You will get the results you’re looking for.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:30] How to cultivate predictable and profitable sales
  • [2:25] Why you must focus on building your audience
  • [4:25] Converting buyer traffic versus building audience loyalty
  • [6:00] Find out how to grow your brand and build predictable sales

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