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Nov 22, 2019

Words have power. But there’s one word considered to be magical because it’s the most powerful. It affects things like the kinds of people you’re drawn to, what foods you like, and even what you do for a living. What is this magic word? It’s your name. There’s been a lot of research done about the power of names and the words we use. Listen to this episode to hear how you can use names in your eCommerce business. It can be a game-changer!

Find out how words can be used as a strategy statement

A name helps define the purpose of something or someone. It has so much power and can be used as a strategy statement. Take Thomas Edison, for example. He had a team who ran numerous experiments. He named them “muckers.” That may sound like a random name, but he used it purposefully. When doing the experiments, the muckers didn’t have to ask what the next step was. Their given name helped eliminate the question of what they were responsible for. It defined them and their purpose. Learn how you can use names to benefit your business.

Why you should call your customers “clients” 

What’s the difference between customers and clients? Customers are transactional relationships. They give you money, you give them a product. Clients, on the other hand, see you as a trusted adviser. You develop relationships with clients and you sell products to customers. I call all of my customers clients. Whether they’ve bought any product or not, internally in the company, everyone is a client. Try it. Start calling all of your customers clients. Listen to find out how making this simple change in words can make a BIG difference in your mindset and ultimately in your business.

How you can add intrinsic value by naming products

As you think about the power in a name, correlate that to your products. A practical tip you can start using TODAY is to name everything. It’s a rule I live by. This especially works well with bundles. For example, if you put three products together, don’t just call it a three-pack. Give it a name like “the fresh start pack” or something that catches the buyer’s attention. Create an irresistible offer and add value to it by giving it a name. Listen to this episode to hear about a company that did this well.

Learn to use words to gain a competitive advantage

Since we know names are the most important words, it’s vital to remember other people’s names. I make a point to do this any time I meet someone. I know the power of that and how it makes them feel. It makes them feel like their voice is heard. I’m always amazed by the connections I make with people by doing this. 

Names - remember them and use them to market your products. Very few sellers use this simple practice and it can help you gain the competitive advantage you need.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:43] What is the power in a name?
  • [3:23] Do you want customers or clients?
  • [5:17] Why it’s important to name your products 
  • [8:46] How to gain a great competitive advantage

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