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Nov 23, 2018

This episode of Marketing For eCommerce will outline 7 tools for eCommerce software that you can’t afford to not have incorporated into your business. I’ll explain why #5 is perhaps the most essential function you need to be leveraging, and it’s an episode not to be missed. All of the details can only be found in the audio, so be sure to listen now!

#1 - You need a place to sell your product

Your top-notch products need to be sold. The best eCommerce sellers don’t rely solely on Amazon do their selling, they utilize a separate online storefront. I highly recommend Shopify, because nearly every developer designs apps and plugins that are compatible with this platform. It can be a great foundation for the rest of your business.

#2 - Your platform needs to support various types of content

No matter which platform you pursue, it needs to be versatile enough to host various types of content (I’m talking about so much more than landing pages.) Product demos, videos, Q & As, etc. need to have a home - and its home can be on your rock-solid platform foundation.

#3 - Leverage an exit intent functionality

Exit intents are the pop-ups that appear on your page right before a lead is about to leave your webpage. They are a critical tool for eCommerce that can turn an interested lead into a paying customer - and they’re not hard to set up! I share my top choice for exit intent builders on this episode, be sure to check it out.

#4 - Use your analytics to receive the best insights

Successful eCommerce ventures leverage the insights available through analytics such as your Facebook pixel and Google Analytics. While you may not think you need them right now, it’s a must-have building block once you begin to scale your business.

Out of all the tools for eCommerce, #5 is the engine behind driving sales

Your email service provider is the #1 engine that drives sales. Your email service provider allows you to nurture lists, handle email sequences, and present post-purchase options that keep your customers coming back. There are dozens of options out there (Active Campaign, MailChimp, etc.), and the platform doesn’t matter so long as you’re actually using one. The money you make off of this tool for eCommerce will 100% offset the purchase cost. You don’t want to select the cheapest option either - you’ll want the dynamic features that come with the premium packages.

#6 - Messenger bots are the wave of the future in eCommerce

Messenger bots are becoming increasingly common in the eCommerce space. You’ll want to start exploring this fun new tool for eCommerce in the new year. If audiences in your niche respond well to the technology, you can even start completing purchases and collecting payment - all through Facebook Messenger. For all the details, be sure to give this episode a listen.

#7 - One-click upsells can drastically increase your average order value

Finally, one of the greatest tools for eCommerce you can be leveraging is the one-click upsell. They can dramatically increase your average order value - which is why you need to be building out this tool! I share with you how to do just that - and so much more - on this episode.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:30] The final 5 weeks of the year allow you to maximize the future value of leads you’re acquiring right now
  • [3:12] Here’s why you need to adopt a mindset of essentialism
  • [6:14] #1 - You need a place to sell your product
  • [7:52] #2 - Your platform needs to host various types of content
  • [8:50] #3 - Leverage exit intent functionality
  • [9:40] #4 - Have your analytics set up
  • [10:17] #5 - Invest in a great email service provider
  • [12:09] #6 - Messenger bots are the wave of the future
  • [14:18] #7 - Increase your average order value by using THIS tool

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