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Oct 26, 2018

Successful eCommerce businesses aren’t built on random marketing campaigns, they’re scalable because of their foundational principles of advertising. On this episode of Marketing For eCommerce, I share my top 6 principles that are guaranteed to bring your marketing game up to the next level. They’re easy to integrate into your business model and will be well worth your time. Be sure to listen to this episode for all the details!

#1 - Develop a growth mindset about advertising dollars

A key difference lies in whether you possess a fixed or growth mindset. eCommerce professionals with a growth mindset aren’t afraid of spending money on advertising, because they know it’s an investment into the future of the company - not just dollars being tossed thoughtlessly into the wind. Advertising isn’t an expense, it’s an investment in understanding what works and makes conversions for your business.

#2 - You must test ads to figure out what works best

No one knows in advance which ads are going to outperform others. That’s why you must become comfortable with testing multiple versions of ads, waiting, and see what resonates the best with your targets. You can start by using microbudgets and looking for key indicators of advertisement success. Then, begin scaling those ads. You’ll see a lot more success by using this strategy than spending hours developing the “perfect advertisement” and waiting for the sales to roll in.

#3 - Audience targeting means everything

Even the greatest ads won’t perform if you don’t put them in front of the right people. Crafting a message that’s congruent with your specific audience is one of the best principles to lock in right away - everything else can follow.

#4 - Focus on making money on the back-end of your eCommerce business

If you’ve been listening to the past few episodes of the podcast, you’ll remember that if you only focus on being profitable on the front-end of your business, you’ll only grow and scale slowly - if at all. By focusing on the back-end of your business and learning how to make multiple sales off of one customer, you’ll maximize profits with minimal effort.

#5 - Know your buyer and take advantage of their existing desires

Being intimately familiar with your ideal buyer allows you to leverage the Collier Principle. This principle states that marketers should seek to enter into the conversation that’s already happening in a prospect’s mind. It’s not your job as an eCommerce seller to create desire. Rather, you should meet every prospect in their current headspace and meet the need or solve the problem they’re focusing on.

#6 - Let the algorithms do their jobs!

Finally, you don’t have to do all the heavy lifting as a marketer. That’s what Facebook and Instagram algorithms are for! They’re designed to test components of advertisements and tell you what works the best with certain audiences. If you get comfortable with investing dollars into these principles of advertising and give the algorithms time to work, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:32] These 6 paid ad principles need to be at the foundation of your marketing strategy
  • [2:26] #1 - The ad money mindset
  • [6:11] #2 - You must test to figure out what works best
  • [8:45] #3 - Targeting is everything
  • [10:06] #4 - You win and make money on the back-end
  • [13:18] #5 - Know your buyer
  • [16:00] #6 - Let the algorithm do its job!

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