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May 4, 2018

I recently presented at a Masterminds event for entrepreneurs and wanted YOU to be able to hear the advice I shared on the best 3 eCommerce strategies to implement in your business. 90% of eCommerce sellers aren’t focusing on these strategies. If you start today with integrating even just one of these strategies, you’ll be able to watch your sales, revenue, and growth skyrocket. Don’t miss this episode of Marketing for eCommerce!

Why a $50K Masterminds event is worth the investment and will enhance your eCommerce strategies

Many entrepreneurs scoff at the idea of investing so much money into a single event. But, the best eCommerce business people will wholeheartedly support these types of gatherings, if only because of the sheer opportunity for powerful networking. You’re one of those kinds of people, right?

Successful people invest and focus on 3 main areas: their mindset, skill set, and networks. Conferences and events allow you to heavily invest in your network. You never know where your next miraculous connection could occur. The best entrepreneurs take the greatest strategies from every industry and implement them in their business model. Mastermind events go beyond rubbing shoulders with other successful people, they reignite your passion for your business. Hear more about the event I attended and what I learned, on this episode.

Strategy #1 - Know your metrics, specifically your customer lifetime value

True eCommerce success stories recognize and appreciate the lifetime value of every customer. It’s a metric that every successful business person is tracking. If you learn how to determine every customer’s lifetime value, you’ll be in the top 1% of eCommerce sellers.

Great marketing will never beat bad math, so eCommerce sellers have to know their numbers. Knowing your metrics gives you the certainty you need to invest in your business and focus on acquiring new customers. When you have a stellar message and know your metrics, it’s “game over” for your competition.

Strategy #2 - Utilize the Collier Principle

The Collier Principle states that marketers and business people should want to enter the conversation that’s already happening in a prospect’s mind. It’s not your job as an eCommerce seller to create desire. Rather, you should meet every prospect in their current headspace and meet the need or solve the problem they’re focusing on.

For example, customers don’t care about buying a ¼ inch drill bit. They care about what the ¼ inch hole will allow them to build, and the emotions they will feel after they complete the project. THAT’S what eCommerce business people need to connect with. For all the details behind why the Collier Principle should be at the forefront of every marketer’s thoughts, be sure to listen to this episode.

Strategy #3 - Always operate with a sense of integrity

The biggest area eCommerce sellers need to focus on is operating with a deep sense of integrity. It’s the rock solid platform that will allow the rest of your business to launch towards success greater than you can imagine. However, this integrity has to go beyond simply being honest with your customers. It has to become an innate focus on the true results you want to provide. You gain conviction and determination after focusing on integrity, and it’s something no successful eCommerce business lacks.

Your call to action after listening to this episode of Marketing for eCommerce? Start implementing these eCommerce strategies in your own business. Even if you begin with a portion of a single strategy, you’ll be light years ahead of your competition.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:30] Why a $50k Masterminds talk is 100% worth the investment
  • [5:55] eCommerce strategy #1 - Know your metrics, specifically your customer lifetime value
  • [11:18] eCommerce strategy #2 - Use the Collier Principle
  • [14:46] eCommerce strategy #3 - Always operate with a sense of integrity

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