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Aug 3, 2018

Far too many online sellers aren’t focusing on these 3 eCommerce basics. If you invest a few hours a week on these 3 pillars to success, you’ll crush your competition and end up converting more customers than ever before. I outline 3 basics that you need to focus on this episode of Marketing For eCommerce. Stop being distracted by the new shiny tools, figure out your business’s foundation, and watch the dollars roll in.

Focus on these eCommerce basics and stop being distracted

Success in eCommerce is just like becoming a professional athlete. The most successful athletes don’t go chasing after every new training trick or shiny equipment. They focus on the basics, perfect their techniques, and then find themselves achieving massive amounts of success. eCommerce works the same way! Tech tools, new software, and fancy selling strategies only supplement a strong foundation built on these eCommerce basics - they don’t form a strong eCommerce business all on their own.

#1 - Collect and leverage social proof to convince prospects to become customers

Humans are busy, distracted, and are always looking for mental shortcuts. That’s why we’re hardwired to look at what our tribes are choosing and purchasing. Social proof allows our brains to make quick decisions based on the success of other customers. If our friends (or even reliable internet strangers) enjoy and use a product, we’re much more likely to make those impulse buying decisions.

Social proof comes in 3 main forms:

  1. Unbiased reviews (short, to the point)
  2. Customer-submitted photos of the product in use (candid, not staged)
  3. Testimonials (longer explanations of the product’s success)

These pieces of social proof are critical in convincing prospects to become customers. It’s a quick form of validation that you need to be leveraging. To hear more about this eCommerce basic pillar, be sure to listen to this episode.

#2 - Develop a Unique Selling Proposition and stop selling commodities

If you take the time to develop a powerful Unique Selling Proposition (USP), it will answer one main question: Why should consumers choose YOU? A strong USP offers your prospect the differentiation they need to decide on your product rather than your competitors. Start by identifying your top product benefits (not features or specs). Then, hone in on the #1 benefit. Once you craft an engaging USP, infuse it into your website and social platforms. I promise it’ll help customers choose you over everyone else. And even if the prospect doesn’t purchase from you, they’ll know and recognize your brand because of reasons XYZ that are written into your USP.

I talked more about USPs on episode 2, be sure to check it out for even more great insights on this critical idea.

#3 - Create offers to help your customers reach their results faster

Hardly any eCommerce businesses are focusing on this fundamental pillar of selling success. Bundling your products together into an offer is a powerful way to add value. If you solve multiple problems for the consumer in one sale, they’ll remember your brand, come back for more, and tell their friends. Pairing the right product with the right online content, supplemental materials, etc. will help your customer achieve their goal faster, and keep them buying from you and you alone. Remember - people aren’t buying your product, they’re buying the transformation your product offers them.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:30] Key takeaways from the M4EC Facebook group
  • [3:03 Fundamental #1 - Leverage social proof
  • [7:04] Fundamental #2 - You need a USP
  • [10:00] Fundamental #3 - Stop selling products, start creating offers

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