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Sep 28, 2018

The savviest eCommerce professionals are using Instagram stories as their next best Instagram business idea. It’s an avenue that’s practically guaranteed to be a hit with your existing followers, and it’s a great platform for fun, experimentation, and creativity. On this episode of Marketing For eCommerce, I’ll be sharing why you can’t go wrong with Instagram stories, how best to approach this new marketing tactic, and why using IG stories are better than Facebook Messenger for cold audiences. You can’t afford to miss this episode - listen now!

You simply can’t go wrong with this Instagram business idea

People are engaging more with brands on mobile devices, and up to 70-80% of all traffic now comes from mobile devices. Instagram stories allow you to connect with more people in an intimate way because when they view your story, your content takes up their entire mobile screen. With Google Adwords and Facebook ads becoming more expensive and competitive, many eCommerce marketers are turning towards Instagram for their latest marketing campaigns. It’s a platform that simply needs on your radar and in your arsenal - no questions asked

The engagement rates from Instagram stories are nearly impossible to beat

60% of Instagram users are between the ages of 18-24, and 90% are under the age of 35. Of those users, a third of them have used their mobile devices to purchase a product online. When you create an Instagram story, you can create 15-45 second advertisements that appear between the stories of the people your market already follow. Since they flow seamlessly into content your followers are already watching, they’re much more likely to follow your brand or “swipe up” to view more.

Experimentation is encouraged in this type of eCommerce marketing!

The best thing about stories as your next best Instagram business idea is the fact that creativity is limitless when it comes to content creation. There are many third-party apps out there that come with preformatted templates you can use to market your product or service. Your production costs don’t have to be high, and it doesn’t have to be crafted in a fancy studio. Many brands have found success with “sidewalk talk” videos, live Q & A sessions, or simply a well-crafted photo and text layout. Don’t let the fear of perfection keep you from jumping into this exciting new marketing method - just start creating and track what does well!

Here’s your call to action - start with your warmer audiences and watch it grow from there

The catch when creating sponsored Instagram stories is to not gear it towards your 100% cold audiences. Try it out with people who are already following you! They’ll be much more responsive to a call to action than a brand-new follower. If you identify trends that work well with your warm audience, branch out into the colder markets. Marketing on Instagram is always shifting, and the key to success is to just start. Take the easy wins, make the sale with your existing followers, and go from there. For even more great insights into this exciting new Instagram business idea, don’t miss this podcast episode.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:30] Why should you be using Instagram stories?
  • [3:30] The engagement rates on IG stories are insanely high
  • [6:23] Experimentation is encouraged in this type of eCommerce marketing!
  • [10:13] Start with your warmer audiences and take it from there

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