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Apr 19, 2019

The Best Sales Strategy Plan to Optimize your eCommerce Business, Ep #55

You have GOT to learn the best sales strategy plan to move your eCommerce business forward quickly and effectively - BUT don’t just learn it - believe it, put it into action, and make it part of your thought process. If you don’t, you might as well shut down your business today, because no eCommerce business can survive without an aggressive sales plan. Look for ways how to apply this model to your business today and take action.

What does Einstein have to do with eCommerce?

Albert Einstein has a famous quote I like to apply to my business. He said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” If you apply this principle, it will keep you from getting stuck in your business. Einstein’s biography by Walter Isaacson is a must-read. In it, you will notice he was always looking for the simplest possible solution.

In looking for ways to apply this model, learn about Occam's Razor and how it works in your business. It’s a problem-solving principle that has been used by scientists and philosophers for many years, but it is also very applicable to business. The premise is how we should choose the simplest solution over a more complicated one.

Use Occam’s Razor to get quick online sales results

As an entrepreneur, you must do the same thing. In your business, you sell physical products and have a desired result - to make a big impact. Sometimes it may be difficult to pull the trigger and take action. Some call it perfectionism, but many times you simply want it to be right.

On a practical level in the eCommerce business, you want to choose the sales strategy that is as simple as possible yet still effective. Many entrepreneurs over-complicate the sales process. There is a bias that the most complicated process has the most validity. However, the answer is typically the very opposite of that. In many instances, the complicated structure flops and the simpler one proves to be most effective.

Why “simple” is the most effective sales strategy plan

In discussing the complicated sales process versus the simple one, you may be asking, why does this idea work? There are two primary reasons. One, it’s easier to fix when it breaks. When the complicated process breaks, it’s very difficult to find out where it needs to be fixed. But because there are fewer steps involved in the simple process, we can quickly identify where it is broken.

The second reason a simple process works is because it is faster to implement and iterate. You want to implement right away and quickly get the product out. Think of the iPhone. Apple has proven to get the latest version into your hands fast. However, it is an imperfect product. Their solution? Software updates. Their primary goal is to execute and implement in the fastest manner, then they tweak out all of the bugs. In the same way, give yourself permission to execute and fix things along the way.

My strategy plan is about more than a minimum viable product

According to Wikipedia, a minimum viable product (MVP) is a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers and to provide feedback for future product development. In reading this, you may think this mental model of using the simplest product is the same thing as an MVP. However, this example will clarify it for you.

If your goal is to build a Ferrari in your business, the MVP is not the windshield, hood, or trunk. These are not viable products in and of themselves. The MVP would be a skateboard. You can add better wheels and a handlebar, then it becomes a scooter. You could even add doors and an engine. You could make it into a Ferrari. But the MVP at least gets you from point A to point B. Obviously, the skateboard would never beat the Ferrari. There is no contest between the two.

However, in using Occam's Razor in your business - you may not find a better solution. That’s the biggest difference. The simplest solution is the most effective and you may never be able to beat it. It is always the best option. That is why it is so powerful. The control may always be the winner, no matter what alternatives you put up against it.

Outline of This Episode

[1:74] How can Occam’s Razor apply to your eCommerce business?

[3:50] Find out why the simplest sales process is the most effective

[8:15] Learn the importance of quick implementation

[11:50] Take your business to the next level

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