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Nov 9, 2018

Nearly every eCommerce seller relies heavily on their final batch of quarterly sales. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are only 2 weeks away, and there are steps you can be taking right now to prepare for these critical sales events. On this episode of Marketing For eCommerce, I outline my best insights that will help you make the most of these upcoming sales days. Listen now to hear insider information you can't afford to miss!

The secret to running a great sales promotion is preparation

Don’t fall into the trap of throwing together a sales promotion just a few days before the event. What’s the #1 key to running great promotions? Preparation! You HAVE to plan in advance if you want to see ultimate levels of success. Your autoresponders, social media ads, chatbot keywords, email blasts, etc. can all be planned out weeks in advance. Plan out promotional materials to be sent 5 to 7 days in advance, set up your autoresponders, and then sit back and avoid the last-minute stress.

Your job as an eCommerce seller is to take advantage of the existing conversation about Black Friday quarterly sales

Previously on the podcast, we’ve discussed the Collier Principle, which states that marketers should seek to enter into the conversation that’s already happening in a prospect’s mind. In the United States, there is a massive conversation surrounding Black Friday and Cyber Monday that you can take advantage of. Followers are primed and ready to become buyers - you just need to make the decision as easy as possible for them.

Your #1 action item is to start building anticipation for your upcoming offers

After listening to this episode, your action item is to start building anticipation for your offers. Refresh your lists of followers and begin sending out “teaser” emails that highlight upcoming offers (but don’t give everything away!) Now is the time to forge relationships and expand your community. While they may not be quite ready to buy this season, you’re investing in their value as potential future buyers.

Using periods of deep work can accelerate your progress in developing content

I have found that blocking out periods of deep work allows me to fully dive into the preparation and organization stages that lead up to Black Friday. It’s tough to plan out an entire click funnel when you only devote sporadic periods of 20-minute work. But if you sit down for a few hours at a time, you’ll be amazed at how much progress you can make. To hear how I make it work best for my businesses, don’t miss this episode of Marketing For eCommerce.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:30] eCommerce success doesn’t always come easily
  • [4:20] Preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday is essential
  • [6:40] These resources should be built out weeks in advance
  • [8:20] Consider using periods of deep work to accelerate progress
  • [9:40] Develop your offers and funnels
  • [11:15] Here’s your action item - build anticipation for your offers

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