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Dec 20, 2019

It’s Q4, sales are skyrocketing, and NOW is the time to connect with customers. As an eCommerce seller, you’re in the middle of the fight - outbidding your competition and getting products out to customers. But the big payoff comes in Q1. Prepare for that by nurturing those customer relations now. Don’t miss the window of opportunity. Listen to this episode - find out the importance of timing, how to build relationships with your customers, and how to maximize profit.

Follow these crucial steps in connecting with customers

Building bonds with your customers is key to the growth of your eCommerce business. The more you build those relationships, the more profitable they become. Follow these steps to connect with your customers:

  • Systematize and automate followup
  • Create more content 
  • Build community

These take time to set up so it’s important to block out time in your calendar. Do it TODAY. It will be worth the investment. You’ll start to develop relationships with your customers and connect with them. Listen now to hear more details of how you can do this.

How to monetize those relationships

The key to maximizing profitability is to act now. Remember, you have something people need and they’re willing to pay for it. Make the value of your product so high that it dwarfs the price. Understanding this concept was a game-changer for me and my business. Get to know your prospects and the reason they want your product. Then, position your product in a way that guarantees a sale. It’s not about manipulation, but rather, giving your customers what they want.

What’s the CORE of your backend profitability?

Some of the most successful brands have made it big through frontend acquisitions alone. But the backend is where the profit is. There are no advertising costs, no acquisition costs. The key to backend profitability is cross-selling. But remember, this has to be done in a timely manner. Don’t miss out. Follow up with your customers and make them an offer they can’t resist. Listen to this episode where I share what I’ve done in my business. It has had great results. Find out detailed steps on how you can optimize your backend profitability. Put money in your pocket by taking action TODAY! 

Form a virtuous cycle that results in exponential growth

Once you acquire the customer, make sales, and start maximizing profitability, you form what I call a virtuous cycle. This cycle leverages the four pillars - getting more leads, increasing conversion rates, increasing AOV, and maximizing lifetime value. As you make more money, it allows you to pour into getting more acquisitions. That leads to acquiring more customers and making more profit. Experience the big payoff firsthand by following the steps I outline in this episode.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:33] What is the big payoff?
  • [3:02] Maximize customer relations and profitability
  • [6:57] Utilize these three things to strengthen those relationships 
  • [10:14] How to monetize those relationships you’ve built
  • [11:58] What is the CORE of your backend profitability?
  • [15:27] How to see exponential growth in your eCommerce business

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