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Nov 30, 2018

Eugene Schwartz’s book, “Breakthrough Advertising,” should be one of the top resources for every eCommerce seller because it expertly explains the idea of varying levels of customer awareness. On this episode of Marketing For eCommerce, I’ll walk you through the 5 levels of customer awareness that Schwartz explains in his book, and they’re insights you don’t want to miss. To up your marketing game through targeting copywriting, don’t miss this episode.

Not all copywriting is created equally! Leverage the differences in customer awareness

Far too many eCommerce sellers build sales pages with two of the wrong things highlighted: your logo/brand and your product’s price. This strategy only works for the first level of customer awareness, your “hot” audience. The majority of the market that exists won’t react positively to that type of advertising. To truly market your product and put it in the best light, you’ll need to understand these levels of awareness that I share in this episode.

#1 - Your customers that are most aware are the easiest to sell to

The “hot” audience in your market is described as the people who are already aware of your brand and your product. They’re most likely repeat customers, and their only concern is your price point (because they’ve already subscribed to the benefits of your product and the value behind your brand.) Copywriting for this level of customer awareness is easy!

#2 - Your “warm” audience can be converted through retargeting

“Warm” audience members are aware of your brand and they’ve often abandoned carts, but they have not yet converted into buyers. They may subscribe to your brand’s mission and product benefits, but something (sometimes it’s the price point, sometimes it’s something else entirely) is preventing them from purchasing. This market is best captured through copywriting that is based on social proof retargeting. I fully explain this method of advertising in this episode, so be sure to give it your full attention.

#3 - The three stages of “cold” customers are the toughest to market to

There are 3 stages of the “cold” audience that doesn’t have any relationship with you as a seller. They include:

  1. People who know what they want, but are unaware of your product
  2. People who have a need, but not a burning desire to solve the problem
  3. People who need to be shown why their new burning desire can be solved by using your product

All 3 stages of this cold audience can be marketed to through content. They respond well to copywriting that is story-based and isn’t immediately tied to your brand or your product. For more information on these stages specifically, don’t miss this episode.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:32] The information on this episode of Marketing For eCommerce is complex, but 100% necessary
  • [4:22] Level 1 - Your most aware market
  • [7:46] Level 2 - Your slightly less aware, “warm” audience
  • [12:00] Levels 3, 4, and 5 are made up of your “cold” audience

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