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Dec 6, 2019

What’s the best way to use your product marketing to connect with your audience? It’s all about painting a mental picture. Learn how to communicate your unique selling proposition most effectively. The key is using simplicity and familiarity. When introducing your product don’t overcomplicate it. Listen to this episode to hear the best strategy to get people’s attention and how to get them to spread the word about your product.

How schema plays an important role in product marketing

Schema is information in your mind that’s familiar. Think about if I were to ask you what a pummelo is. If you didn’t know the answer, I could describe it in great detail - the color, the texture, the taste. But it would be most helpful if I said it’s like a super-sized grapefruit. I tapped into your schema of grapefruit to help you understand what a pummelo is. You can do the same when describing your product to tap into what the buyer is already familiar with.

What is an IKOLA and how can you use it to your advantage?

Steve Jobs talked about using what he called “IKOLAs.” It’s an acronym for “it’s kind of like a…” 

One of my favorite branding examples is Scrubbing Bubbles. In their branding, they use an IKOLA. They don’t talk about the chemical composition of the product. They help you visualize it by giving personality to these bubbles. It’s kind of like having small scrubbers doing a thorough cleaning job in your bathroom. It’s easy to understand and remember the product. Find out how to use IKOLAs in marketing your product and see the difference it makes.

Make it simple. Don’t speak techno-babble

“The quicker picker-upper” 

“Just do it” 

“Melts in your mouth - not in your hands”


These well-known product descriptions create images and emotions that we’re familiar with. They’re perfect examples of simple communication that creates desire in a customer. Speaking simply doesn’t mean dumbing down ideas. It’s a way to connect people with your product. In behavioral psychology, studies have shown that when people are confronted with a complex idea, it triggers an alert in their brains. This leaves room for doubt and confusion, hindering the decision-making process. You want your customers to say yes - not maybe. Don't give them a reason to look elsewhere.

How to make your USP stick

When you keep your marketing ideas simple, it helps you do two things - tear down barriers and tap into something your customers already know. It’s easy to understand, it makes them stop, and it gets their attention. Once you have their attention, trigger emotions that cause them to take action. Find out in this episode the best methods on how to tap into people’s schema. It will make your product memorable and easy to share.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:57] Find help in your marketing by using this simple illustration
  • [3:17] How you can best communicate your USP
  • [5:03] Make it simple. Don’t speak techno-babble
  • [8:15] How to tap into people’s schema

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