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Jul 26, 2019

Some of the most impactful branding advice I’ve ever received was how to use customer service touch points in my business. This advice came from my friend and mentor Juju Hook. She was a branding expert for Fortune 500 companies for over 25 years. She taught the importance of touch points and how to translate them into moments of truth for prospects. Listen to this episode to find out what this means and how it can have a massive impact on your eCommerce business. 

Find out how customer touch points can increase average order value 

Juju had a personal experience that revealed the importance of touch points and how they influenced her to make a purchase. Find out what she did in this episode. Her perception of the product changed because the packaging was better than the rest and a simple card was inserted. These were touch points that resulted in a moment of truth. Personal touches to make her as the customer feel special - that’s what increases AOV, frequency of purchase, and referral traffic. What a great reason to continue to nurture your customer relationships.

Become an extraordinary eCommerce seller 

As you nurture those relationships, it’s not hard to stand out from the rest. As a business owner, it’s important to be aware of all the touch points in your business. These can make a massive difference - a card, email, or phone call. It’s easy to be extraordinary. Each touch point and moment of truth compound on one another to build goodwill. That’s what gets people to make a purchase.

How to successfully increase revenue

Another one of my mentors, Frank Kern shared this: “the amount of revenue you make will always be directly proportional to the amount of goodwill you have with your audience and the number of offers you make.” Remember, those two things always go hand in hand. If you build goodwill and make offers, your revenue goes up. How do you build goodwill? Turn those touch points into moments of truth.

Learn from L’oreal’s successful marketing strategy

L’oreal is a great example of a company that has utilized touch points to their advantage. They have set up approximately 25 touch points before a customer buys their product. Find out in this episode what they have used as touch points and how they’ve translated those into moments of truth to motivate prospects to make a purchase. Just like this company, you as a brand owner must be looking for those touch points. They’re everywhere in your business. Learn how you can leverage those into goodwill, which will lead to sales, and result in profit.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:37] Discover the most impactful branding advice I’ve received
  • [2:32] Understand touch points and use them to increase AOV
  • [6:06] How to become an extraordinary eCommerce seller
  • [8:13] Learn the equation to successfully increase revenue

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