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Sep 20, 2019

In this episode, I share some of the most effective email marketing strategies that will prove to be the game changers in your eCommerce business. There’s no need for a fancy system. All it takes is getting back to fundamentals. In eCommerce, it’s vital to focus on the basics of email marketing. So many business owners fail to put a system in place and lose potential customers. You MUST have templates in place and your emails must follow a certain sequence. Listen to find out what I do to ensure the most conversions.

Are you doing your shoppers a favor or a disservice when it comes to your cart abandonment?

The first of four email sequences you MUST have in place is the cart abandonment sequence. This may sound obvious but I’ve been surprised to learn most brand owners fail to capitalize here. Statistics show that 73% of retail shoppers WILL abandon the cart on any given website. But interestingly, 75% of shoppers said they fully intended to return and finish the purchase but simply got distracted. Do them a favor by sending that follow-up email, otherwise, you’re doing a disservice to your customers.

Effective email marketing includes a welcome sequence 

When someone first opts in and gives their contact information, it’s important to have a series of welcome emails prepared. I have a seven-day welcome series where I not only introduce my brand but also make an offer. Follow this welcome sequence and you’ll be surprised to see how well it converts.

Use post-purchase emails to capitalize on your best prospect

Your best prospect is your existing customer. That’s why the post-purchase sequence is so crucial. It’s shocking to find out how many brands don’t have this in place. You already have these customers in your sphere of influence - simply keep the conversation going. Learn how to keep them engaged with your brand and they’ll become your best repeat customer.

Use the “win-back” campaign to re-engage your customers

How can you get customers back? Use the “win-back” campaign. This is the time to throw everything at them - a product rebundle, an amazing discount or offer. Listen now to find out how to use these things to re-engage your customers. You’ll be surprised how well it works. 

There are other possible sequences, but these four are the fundamental building blocks that matter. Apply these and you’ll be surprised to see how quickly your sales increase. Listen now to find out how to implement each sequence to your eCommerce business.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:17] Get back to the four fundamentals of email marketing
  • [5:03] Learn the four critical email templates to have in place 
  • [8:15] Re-engage your customers with the “win-back” sequence
  • [9:37] Don’t forget the four pillars of business

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