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Feb 1, 2019

Facebook dynamic ads are a tool for your ecommerce toolbox you have got to know about - and the ironic thing is that whenever I travel to conferences and hear big name ecommerce sellers speak, none of them seem to be talking about this incredible tool. In my experience, it increases your conversion rate like almost nothing else.

On this short episode, I encourage you to dip your toe into the waters of dynamic ad insertion. I’ll tell you what it is, how it works, why I believe few people are using them, and how you can leverage that fact to your advantage. Learn this little secret and put it into action. You’ll regret it if you don’t.

Imagine being able to show a dynamic ad of a product someone just viewed

We’ve all experienced what I’m about to describe. You look at a product on Amazon or another online marketplace, then you decide that you’ll make a buying decision later - so you close the product page. Poking around on Facebook later in the day, something in the sidebar catches your eye. It’s the exact same product you considered buying earlier in the day.

Wow, that’s spooky! Or is it?

It’s a little-used piece of code that has made an amazing difference in my business. It’s Facebook’s Dynamic Ad insertion and it’s a game-changer. Listen to learn how you can use this same strategy to increase your conversions.

Increase sales by tweaking Facebook Dynamic Ads to reel in almost-buyers

When somebody spends enough time looking at your product to add it to their cart, they are pretty interested in it, don’t you think? Maybe they are using the cart as a "wishlist" of sorts, to hold the product until they can grab their credit card or until they get home from work. Their intention is to either check it out some more before buying or to buy it later.

But people who do that often never come back even though they may have intended to buy. Why? Life interrupts. Things get busy and they forget about the product. You can use Dynamic Ads to give them a gentle reminder about the product they were already interested in and watch your sales grow as a result. This is not theory, I have dynamic ads set up to remind my customers about the products they are interested in, every day and it works. Listen to hear the details.

Dynamic Ads are simple in concept but hard work is required to use them

By now, you understand how Dynamic Ads work and why they are so effective. Anybody can see the logic behind them. Now you’ve got to take the steps necessary to learn how to use them effectively, and that’s not easy.

I believe that most people who should be using Facebook Dynamic Ads are not using them because they are a bit difficult to learn and optimize. Said another way, there’s a barrier to entry that most people are not willing to get past. Why? Because it takes hard, mental work to understand them and use them well. Keep reading to learn how you can leverage the laziness of others to your advantage.

The success formula for Facebook Dynamic Ads - and anything else

My experience in business and in life has shown me that the majority of people are too lazy to do the hard things that bring the success they would like to have. That’s not a criticism it’s a fact of human nature.

That’s OK. People like you and me who are willing to work hard can leverage that reality to our favor. Here’s how I view it - kind of like a formula: My hard work + Laziness of others = My market dominance. You can do the same thing. Don’t be afraid of Dynamic Ads because they are hard. Embrace them, knowing that you’re doing something most people won’t and you’ll be the one to thrive because of it.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:43] The mind-blowing technology that few people seem to be using
  • [3:01] How dynamic ads work to pull together congruence and convenience
  • [4:09] Options for using these ads: intent signals, warm retargeting,
  • [7:27] The power of dynamic ads when targeting abandoned carts (1st priority)
  • [9:30] How the barrier to entry keeps many from using dynamic ads
  • [11:10] Why trying things you don’t understand yet is the fun part

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