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May 10, 2019

Customer follow-up is the key component to propel your eCommerce business forward and increase profit. Many sellers are not doing this. Take time to focus on your customers. They can become the biggest profit center for your eCommerce business. In this episode, I teach some important strategies to make this work for your business. Visit and set up a time to talk with me. I will show you specifically how to accomplish this.

These strategies are vital to your business growth. Are you hustling, selling product, and running ads - but not seeing the profit piece fall into place? I have the answer for you. Through my experience in working with sellers for a number of years, I have learned most of them are not tapping into the biggest profit center available.

Find out why tracking both revenue and profit are vital in eCommerce

In this episode, I talk about the two most important numbers you MUST track in your business - average order value and average order profit. The first is a vital part of a business that measures the average order amount over a certain period of time. The average order profit is a metric that tells your average profit per order. In eCommerce, you must focus on profit more than any other business because you have so much going on - the cost of goods, fulfillment costs, returns, and refunds. It is a lot more involved than a business that is purely giving information.

In contrast to a focus on profit, many sellers post a revenue number, maybe even a graph that shows amazing numbers. However, most would be shocked to know how little profit they are actually making. When you focus on revenue, that’s where your attention goes. And wherever your attention goes, your energy follows. Revenue is an obvious piece that is necessary to work on, but at the same time, you must track profit.

How can customer follow-up be the biggest profit center in your business?

Customer follow-up is the biggest untapped profit center in your business. You’ve already done the hard work to acquire these customers. They’re familiar with your product and the customer service you provide. Now you need to do something with those customers. So many sellers miss this piece.

An example of this scenario is about a businessman I met three to four years ago. In one year he made $7 million in frontend sales. Anyone would be excited about that. But my question to him concerned the backend business. I asked if they were contacting customers through emails or any messaging system. They were not, although he knew they should. All of the work was frontend only. I suggested strategies to keep the momentum going in frontend business, and also how he could develop relationships with his customers. He simply needed to initiate a conversation with customers. The same is true for you.

Why you MUST focus on post-purchase profit

Just like that businessman, you must make some effort to reach out to your buyers and focus on post-purchase profit. These buyers already know your business is legitimate. They know your product and how well you served them in the past. If you make the needed effort in backend business by contacting them and building a relationship, it could substantially increase your profit. Many sellers primarily focus on the frontend only. However, in my experience, I have seen how following up with customers and putting effort into the backend can make a big difference.

What you can do TODAY to increase profit

Start making contact with your customers. So many sellers are not doing this. But now you know it’s a proven and effective method to boost your profit in your eCommerce business. You have no excuse. Make contact with your customers once a week and follow up with them. Once a month, make an exclusive offer to your buyers. Make these types of relation-building efforts. You will be shocked at the responsiveness of your customers.

Go implement this TODAY. Don’t worry about the exact process. Simply start reaching out and making offers. Listen to this episode. Contact me for guidance to learn how to tap into this post-purchase profit center you have. I can help you.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:75]  The key component eCommerce sellers are missing
  • [1:50]  Why you must focus on both profit and revenue
  • [3:75]  Find out the biggest untapped profit center in your business
  • [6:27 ] Post-profit purchase: how to work the backend business

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