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Jul 5, 2019

As an eCommerce seller, it’s crucial to build an effective online sales funnel that MUST start with a system. I’ll be the first to tell you Amazon is a great place to start and prove your concept. But it’s important to remember, you can’t have an Amazon-dependent business because you can’t have everything riding on that one platform. Listen to this episode where I show you how to build a system that not only results in a business that leverages the positive aspects of Amazon but also protects you. Put my system into place to build an Amazon-proof business.

Why creating an audience is key to building a successful online sales funnel

Because there are so many opportunities to sell on Amazon, awareness of the competition is growing and it’s becoming more urgent to know how to stand out. The key is knowing how best to build your business. I lean heavily on content in order to get people interested. As they gain awareness, they’re also gaining more connection to the product. Attention must be directed toward engaging the audience. Once interested, that is the best chance to convert them. The focus must be shifted from driving traffic to a long-term goal of creating an audience, then back to engagement. A captive audience is paying attention and is an ideal target for conversions. 

How to build an audience effectively 

There are a number of ways to build an audience. For many brands, some of the easiest techniques include blogs and articles. These get people interested and you’re able to plug them into your system. You can then start sending offers. Again, a number of ways to do this include email lists, messenger lists, and podcasts. Podcasts are one of the most untapped opportunities for eCommerce sellers. But before building anything, you must know what you’re building and why. 

Learn these critical steps to building your funnel

It’s absolutely critical to research your buyer persona and understand the competition. Learn who your buyer is and why they’re buying. This will greatly influence everything you do in your funnel. You must also learn who the competition is and what they’re doing to succeed. Model what they’re doing in your funnels, designs, and offers. Lastly, pick the right traffic source. Your best traffic source is dependent on the demographic. If your target is 40 to 70-year-olds, Facebook is the platform you use. If you’re targeting an audience of 30 or younger, Instagram is best. Test several audiences and creatives. Successful ads are a numbers game. 

Funnels versus storefronts and why both are necessary

Because there are fewer options, sales funnels typically have higher conversion rates. Fewer options is a general rule to help increase conversions. Give shoppers a deal and make it a simple yes or no option to buy. When people are given too many options they usually choose nothing. On the other hand, when using Shopify or other types of storefronts, this gives people a chance to immerse themselves in the experience. Storefronts are better for returning customers and gives them options to buy other products that can accompany the original product purchased. 

The way I draw customers in is by using presale engagements. With presales, I give several visuals, handle objections, and show them how my product will benefit them. Listen to this episode to hear my step-by-step process and how 90 percent of my funnels are built this way. It’s the control I use and it has proven to be incredibly effective. 

Build funnels with high conversion rates 

Why should I, a prospect, do business with you given all of the other choices available to me in the market? If you’re unable to answer this question, your prospect doesn’t have a good reason to do business with you. Some essential elements I will cover in this episode include:

  • Frequently asked questions
  • Having a strong offer
  • Having social proof
  • Risk reversal
  • Live chat or a phone number

Since only three percent of the market is ready to buy at a given time, you must have a system in place so you can capture the visitors that don’t buy. This is where remarketing is crucial to have in place. Three groups to target are:

  • Those who viewed your sales page and didn’t buy
  • Those who viewed the order form and didn’t buy
  • Those who completed the order form and didn’t buy

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:14] Why you must have a strong system in place to scale your business
  • [3:00] Bryan’s proven funnel system used to build a profitable and predictable system
  • [5:30] Learn the difference of selling on and off Amazon
  • [8:03] How to convert leads into customers
  • [11:58] Effective ways to build an audience
  • [13:10] Learn why buyer persona and knowing the competition are critical to your funnel
  • [16:58] Funnels versus storefront
  • [19:56] Why benchmarks are necessary
  • [25:40] Essentials needed to create a high-converting funnel

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