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Jul 12, 2019

Listen to this episode to learn conversion rate optimization tools you can implement today. Using these will greatly impact your eCommerce business. Each of these tools goes back to a key principle I use in my eCom intensive. You must focus on four main levers to move your business forward. The key is to get rid of distractions and direct your attention to these essentials:

  • Getting leads
  • Getting customers
  • Maximizing average order value (AOV)
  • Maximizing frequency of purchase

Increase sales and scale your business by directing your attention to these elements. It doesn’t matter what storefront you’re using, implement these simple things and watch your conversions skyrocket. I list a handful of things. But be sure to listen to this episode for more ideas and details.

Why it’s vital to have a frequently asked questions page

One of the things you can do inside your store is to have a frequently asked questions tab or section. It doesn’t matter where you put it. You can place it front and center in the main menu or as part of your footer. I like to put it in both places. One obvious reason you want this page is to answer your shoppers’ questions. But it’s also a way to handle objections to the sale. Before you build a store, drive traffic, or market your product, you must figure out your buyers. What motivates them and what are their objections to the sale? Frequently asked questions is an opportunity to address those things. When you know what their objections are, you can handle them before they become too big. This is a critical step in order for them to convert.

Start a blog to build content strategy and bond with your prospects  

Another crucial point is something I talked about in Episode 24. It was about education-based selling and how important it is. That is what a blog is for. It becomes part of your content strategy. It’s also a place to build relationships. There are so many people in the market selling products. It’s difficult to know if they’re legitimate or if the product is something they need. A blog is useful for having a conversation with your shoppers. It lets them know what you’re about, that you are aligned with them, and you understand where they’re coming from. That's the place you can use your education-based selling.

Find out what products are selling best 

Another key element is knowing who your best sellers are and knowing your numbers. Understanding the data is what sets eCommerce apart. You’re in the arithmetic business. In Episode 3, I talked about some key metrics you need to know. One primary thing is knowing what products are selling best. You must simplify the shopping process. Consumers shouldn’t be forced to search around for the best selling products. Make yours easy to find and easy to buy. 

How you can increase awareness of your product by highlighting your propositions

In Episode 2, I discuss propositions and how you can use them to show consumers why they should choose your business over others. Take every opportunity to highlight your propositions. Once you’ve defined them, they become your compass. No matter what you’re doing - creating a page, a listing, an ad; or even when you’re giving a refund - at every touch point, your propositions provide guidance. When giving a refund, it’s an opportunity for you to show buyers they’re safe to do business with you. It’s a chance to show your values. After they’ve returned the product and had a good experience with you, they’ll talk about it. That’s good for business. 

Understand the importance of keeping everything congruent in your ads

Another good thing for a business is consistency. When a shopper clicks on your ad, is your landing page congruent with it? If colors are different or the topic changes, people think something isn’t quite right and they’ll hit the back button. It’s the same thing in your storefront. Keep everything congruent - the feel, the colors. Make it a seamless experience all the way through. If you start mixing it up, it makes people nervous because it’s not consistent. We all like consistency and you need to take advantage of that. Make sure you watch out for inconsistencies because it can increase bounce rates and kill conversions.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:14] Propel your eCommerce business forward by using these four levers
  • [2:26] Why it’s vital to have a frequently-asked-questions page
  • [4:28] Start conversations with your prospects by using a blog
  • [5:12] You must know who the best sellers in your market 
  • [6:45] Increase awareness of your product - highlight your propositions
  • [8:13] Don’t kill conversions - keep everything congruent in your ads 

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