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Sep 27, 2019

The number one thing sellers overlook is the importance of customer followup. It’s so vital to have a process in place to nurture these relationships. We spend so much time trying to get our customers. But once that happens, very few sellers follow up. Just as we need to take time to build our friendships, it’s the same in business. Strengthen those relationships with your customers. Listen to this episode to find out how you can do this and how it becomes the lifeblood of your business. 

Remember the five states of awareness

To nurture your customer relationships, you have to know the different touchpoints and states of awareness. The five states of awareness are detailed in the book Breakthrough Advertising. They include:

  • Unaware - people who don’t know they have a problem
  • Problem aware - people who know they have a problem but don’t know a solution exists
  • Solution aware - people who know they have a problem and that a solution exists but don’t know which product is the solution
  • Product aware - people who know about the product but don’t know your product is the best one
  • Most aware - once people know your product is the best they are most aware

Our goal as sellers is to get everyone to the “most aware” stage. But not many get there because very few end up making a purchase. Listen now to get great ideas and find out how to make this happen in your eCommerce business.

How to capture your audience and keep them engaged 

The first step of nurturing an audience is to get their attention. To get them in your sphere of influence, they need to know you have something valuable to say. A great initial touchpoint makes the potential buyer like your ideas and propositions. You need to put your best foot forward to get their attention. Once they’re in your sphere of influence, you can deliver content and nurture that relationship. Listen to this episode to hear detailed ideas on how to get your audience’s attention, and find out why consistency is key in nurturing that relationship.

Why it’s important to encourage buyers to join a Facebook group

The old saying is true, “birds of a feather flock together.” For example, cyclists hang out with other cyclists. When there’s a common interest, it draws people together. For this reason, you need to encourage buyers to join a group so excitement and momentum build, resulting in more sales. Facebook groups have grown for this reason. I like taking prospects and buyers and putting them into a Facebook group. Do this today and see how it impacts your sales.

How to use consistent customer followup to boost your sales

Post-purchase is a crucial time to use customer followup to your advantage. How are you going to keep those customers engaged? Remember, your best prospect is your existing customer so you have to make sure you take good care of them. It’s the same as building any other relationship. The nurturing process never stops. Don’t be like most sellers who make this mistake - once they get the prospect’s attention, they never nurture the relationship. Get creative and do something new to make your customers feel special. One of the most powerful marketing tools is simply by word of mouth. It’s vital to treat your customers well because they could become your biggest advocates. Treat them right and they become your brand ambassadors. That’s when your business can become profitable. 

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:28] Find out the number one thing sellers overlook
  • [4:13] How to draw your audience in and get their attention
  • [5:27] Consistency is the key to content marketing
  • [7:54] Encourage customers to join like-minded groups
  • [9:47] Show special consideration to customers

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