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Apr 12, 2019

Learn these time management strategies to help you become a world-changer in your eCommerce business. The key is to learn how to buy time back. You must find out how to best allocate your time because it is the most precious resource you have. What do you and all the billionaires have in common? The biggest untapped resource, which is T-I-M-E. Whether you want to move your business forward or even move your life forward - time is power.

Think about Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, and Mark Cuban - all billionaires who have made an impact in the world. Each of them has had the same amount of time you possess. They simply learned how best to use it.

How to buy your time back

In this episode, learn how to buy time back. Here are some numbers to help put these things into perspective. Think about this: The average American earns just over $61,000 per year. If we break that down into a 40-hour work week, that equates to approximately $29.50 per hour. However, if you are running your own business, your time is much more valuable than that. Those hours have a huge opportunity cost, which means a benefit that could be missed if you choose to use your time unwisely.

With those numbers in mind, I want to share some things I do in my life - how I buy my time back. One tactical way is in the secret of grocery delivery. You may think it ridiculous to talk about grocery shopping in light of becoming a world-changer. But if you are still buying your own groceries, think about all the time you waste in driving, shopping, and making decisions on what to buy. Instead of grocery shopping, you can allocate that time to carry out important tasks that will push your business forward. The simple need to switch from your work tasks in order to think about grocery shopping is a big time waster.

Are you willing to avoid the biggest time waster?

In order to become a world-changer, you must remember the number one time waster is television. You may not watch TV, but other things that fall into this category include Netflix, surfing the internet, and social media. None of these things are bad but they do not contribute to the time management strategies I teach.

The average American watches 4.4 hours of television every single day. If you want to move the needle forward in your eCommerce business, this is not the optimal way to allocate your time. Again, think of it in financial terms. 4.4 hours daily times 365 days. That’s 1,606 hours. If you multiply that by $29.50/hour - that’s over $47,000 per year being invested into someone’s fictional story on TV or someone’s feed on social media. This does not help you make an impact in the world.

Do you know the secret leverage point among time management strategies?

Consider implementing this practical tip to get the desired effect from time management. Do not allow white space in your calendar. If you simply take a few minutes every evening to schedule out your next day, it will save you several hours in wasted time. Designate all of your resources - primarily time - in order to implement your vision and move it forward.

When you think about scheduling your day, are you worried about burnout? I talked about this in a previous episode. Go to my website and listen to Episode 53 titled Beating Burnout in Business. In that episode, I teach about the need to fuel your body with the five essentials - air, water, sleep, food, and movement. If you correctly combine these with a mission-driven purpose, you will have a hard time allocating any time or resource toward anything besides what your main goal is.

The unknown fact of becoming a world-changer

You may be asking the question, “Well, what about my need to unwind and relax?” Don’t spend time binge-watching, looking at social media or catching a game on TV. You can use these every once in a while to help you relax. But I encourage you to put concentrated time into your business instead.

Here is what I think you should be doing with your time. You should be reading. The average CEO reads 52 books per year. Mark Cuban reads three hours per day. Warren Buffet spends five to six hours reading every day. But the average American reads only one book per year. Start utilizing your time to read books that will help you fulfill your purpose in business and in life. When you read about the big dreamers and achievers in the business world, it sparks something inside you. It gets you focused on your vision.

I give this tactical advice because I want you to make a big impact in the world. There is something you are meant to do - but you cannot fulfill it if your time is being allocated in places other than toward that one purpose. All your energy needs to go toward finding that vision and learning how to execute it. I can best help you do that by teaching you how to carry out these time management strategies. This is the number one thing every successful person implements.

I can tell you from experience that this has changed my life. Consider everything you do and look for opportunities to buy time back. Put your full force into that one thing you’re doing to move the needle forward in your eCommerce business. Even if you don’t know what that one thing is, you will have a lot more time to discover it by implementing these strategies. Apply this principle of buying your time back and become a world-changer.