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Jun 29, 2018

Using the best sales promotion tools are essential for eCommerce success. If you follow the 4 tips outlined in this episode of Marketing For eCommerce, you’ll be light years ahead of your competition. Watch the dollars roll in, see your engagement and click rates skyrocket, and strengthen your eCommerce business model. Listen now!

#1 - The secret to running a great sales promotion is preparation

Don’t fall into the trap of throwing together a sales promotion 2 days before a big event or holiday. What’s the #1 key to running great promotions? Preparation! You HAVE to plan in advance if you want to see ultimate levels of success. Your autoresponders, chatbot keywords, email blasts, etc. can all be planned out weeks in advance. Plan out promotional materials to be sent 5 to 7 days in advance, set up your autoresponders, and then sit back and avoid the last-minute stress.

There’s a golden timeframe for these advanced promotions. People begin thinking about most holidays 5 to 9 days in advance. If you promote too early, it won’t be effective. If you wait too long (within 2-3 days), you’ll miss out on sales. Find the golden timeframes that work for your business and stick to them.

#2 - Tie your sales promotion to a specific day

Every month should have at least 2 days that you can organize a promotion around. Holidays, dates important to your business, or even random flash sale days can all be planned weeks in advance. Have you considered making your founding date an annual sale date? Or lesser-known “National Day of ____” events that are relevant to your business?

To help you plan these events in advance, take out an actual calendar (yes - a paper one mounted to the wall) and circle the days that are critical to YOU and YOUR business. Not only does tying these events to specific days help you keep on track with planning, but these regular dates start to stick in your market’s mind.

#3 - Leverage the urgency and scarcity mindsets

Tying your sales promotions to specific days also leverages the urgency and scarcity mindsets present in your customers. For example, if you advertise that XYZ Sale is only going to be live for 48 hours around Labor Day weekend, and you begin advertising the sale 8 days out, you’ll have your potential customers thinking “I must buy now or risk losing out on this sale.” Leverage these scarcity and urgency mindsets and see your sales rates improve dramatically. For the full story behind why this works, be sure to listen to this episode of Marketing For eCommerce.

#4 - Connect your sales promotion tools to your Messenger chatbot

If you combine these sales promotion tools with your Messenger chatbots, you’ll be an unstoppable force in your eCommerce market. Since marketing chatbot features are a one-to-one communication channel, rather than one-to-many blasts, your customers are much more likely to click and engage. Take advantage of the current conversation surrounding an upcoming sale day or holiday, pair it with a product they really want, and sell them on the offer.

But remember, you NEVER want to burn out your customers with dozens of messages and promotions every week. Messenger marketing chatbots are essential, and you need to be using them in your eCommerce business. To hear more, don’t forget to listen to this episode.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:34] Behind the scenes of the eCommerce Underground community
  • [2:31] Marketing chatbots are still one of the best marketing tools you NEED to be utilizing
  • [4:51] The secret to running great promotions is preparation
  • [9:11] Tie your prepared offers to a specific day
  • [10:30] What if you don’t have a list yet?
  • [13:01] Bridge these days and offers into Messenger audiences

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