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Jun 8, 2018

Most digital sellers aren't taking advantage of their digital audience. A digital audience allows your eCommerce business to thrive and crush your competition. That’s because most eCommerce sellers stop focusing on their digital audience after their social media platforms have a considerable amount of followers. On this episode of Marketing For eCommerce, I explain why having a strong digital audience beats mass desire selling, as well as how you can use your digital audience to capture more leads and sales. Be sure to listen!

Why digital selling based on mass desire alone isn’t sustainable or scalable

Selling based on mass desire and cold ads used to be successful. But now the market is saturated with one-time sale ads that link directly to a Shopify webpage. It’s time to break out of the mass desire mold and create a selling model that is sustainable, scalable, and successful. That’s when building a better digital audience comes into play. Don’t forget to listen to this full episode to catch all the details on why having a digital audience is so critical for eCommerce selling success.

This is how you build a better digital audience for your brand

I discovered that there are five pillars of an effective marketing system. Here they are.

  1. A way to acquire a customer
  2. A way to nurture the customer
  3. A way to convert the customer
  4. A way to fulfill the product
  5. A way to send customers to other products and services

Your digital audience and the ways you engage with that audience fulfill pillars 1, 2, 3, and 5. Your audience CAN be comprised of leads, but they are MORE than just potential leads. They’re the people watching your videos, liking your posts, and reading your content. If you create a system that constantly builds up that audience, you’re way ahead of your eCommerce competitors.

To hear more about the 5 pillars of an effective marketing system be sure to go back and listen to episode 1, and don’t miss this episode of Marketing for eCommerce either. I promise it’ll make you rethink the way you engage with your digital followers.

Convert your digital audience into leads and capture the elusive 96% of customers

Very few digital audience members will jump straight into purchasing your product. Cold sales such as these typically have a 4% conversion rate. So what happens to the other 96% of customers? Your competitors ignore them! But you can capture their dollars by engaging with them and adding value to their lives even before money is exchanged for a product. Develop educational and inspirational content which will help them develop from followers into leads. If you’re laser-focused on bringing back the 96%, you’ll see your sales rates increase. For the full story don’t miss this episode of Marketing For eCommerce.

Don’t stop pursuing a customer after the initial purchase!

This is where the majority of digital sellers stop - after a lead makes an initial purchase. But remember that one way of increasing your sales is to get a customer to buy more products more often. By putting targeted products in front of your digital audience members that have already purchased from your company you’re increasing the likelihood they will buy from you again. Implement a variety of upselling or cross-selling strategies into your business model and watch your sales rates skyrocket. For more tips on how to improve your digital selling, don’t miss this episode of Marketing For eCommerce.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:30] Selling based solely on mass desire doesn’t work anymore
  • [6:46] Step #1 - Build your audiences
  • [9:41] Step #2 - Convert these audiences into leads
  • [13:55] Step #3 - Don’t stop at the initial purchase!

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