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Oct 11, 2019

Learn the effective email marketing strategy I’ve been using in my business. As you continually grow your list, that’s what’s going to be the most profitable thing in your eCommerce business. Focus your attention on emails. You can run ads and promotions, but the consistency is going to come from your email lists. Listen to this episode where I explain in detail how to get the most out of your current list and how to monetize it.

Use my proven framework to get the best results in eCommerce sales

I use this framework in my email marketing and it has been very effective. There can be some variations, but the basic framework looks like this:

  • Day One - send one email to announce the promotion 
  • Day Two - send one email to advertise the bonus 
  • Day Three - send two emails to remind them of the bonus and inject the urgency to act
  • Day Four - send two emails to remind them again of the pending expiration of the deal 

When using any promotions, you’ll always have three distinct groups of people in these stages: those who take advantage of the sale right away, those who procrastinate, and the middle stage of people who need to be nudged toward a purchase. This third group is who you MUST focus on. In this episode, learn how to convince them that your offer is the perfect one. 

The first step - find out why it’s vital to know your buyer persona 

You need to keep the buyer’s psychology in mind because they have a lot of people offering them deals. How do you make your offer stand out from the rest? The key is first understanding your buyer persona. Don’t simply find out their demographic data. Learn about them. In this episode, I’ll tell you how to make your conversations with your prospects more genuine. Learn how to make an offer they can’t refuse.

What does quid pro quo have to do with maintaining the integrity of your brand?

Always remember something for something - quid pro quo. Whenever you have a sale, there has to be a reason for it. Think about the mattress sales on Labor Day. There’s no correlation between the two, but it’s a reason for the sale. That’s how you maintain the integrity of the brand - attach the sale to something. When sending out your email promotions, do this, otherwise, it sounds like you’re just giving discounts for no reason. 

Take action now - don’t miss out on the profit center waiting for you

Don’t overthink your emails. Get your four-day promotion out as soon as possible. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. The more offers you get out, the better you’ll become at putting them together. And the earlier you start these email promotions, the better. Some sellers have huge lists but have never promoted anything. That’s just a profit center waiting. 

Remember, it’s important to know what differentiates your brand from the rest. No matter what you’re doing, always remember this question: Why should the consumer do business with you, given all the other choices in the marketplace? The bottom line is if you can’t answer that question, you’re losing in the market. Use my framework and start running those promotions. You’ll be excited to see how fast sales increase. 

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:33] Got your prospects’ attention? Learn how to monetize that
  • [4:34] Using email promotions - find out a proven framework to get the best results
  • [7:22] Why it’s vital to first know your buyer persona
  • [9:30] How to maintain the integrity of your brand
  • [11:58] Don’t miss out on the profit center waiting for you to take action

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