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Jun 21, 2019

What can test marketing do to impact your eCommerce business? If you’ve ever wondered why your Facebook ads are not working, you’ve come to the right place. Listen to this episode where I show you how to make an incredible difference in your business.

I teach business owners the importance of using systems and processes. Without them, you are left to random chance. With systems in place, the process becomes predictable and you can fix problems that arise. The more you build systems for your business, the more valuable your business becomes. But the best result - your peace of mind. Follow these steps outlined here, and as you learn what your audience wants, your ads will keep them coming back for more.

What is the best way to use social proof?

I learned some effective methods of social proof from Tim Ferriss, author of the 4-Hour Work Week. When trying to find the best title for his book, he tested click rates on google ads and he also studied people. Listen to this episode to find out in detail how he did this. But in short, he studied people and how they reacted to words and titles. He looked for social proof. Before printing his book, he tested what was going to work. He got data to validate the title of the book. To have successful ads, you must do the same. Do the homework. Get to know your audience and what they’re looking for.

Why audience feedback is crucial before running ads

Like Tim Ferriss, I’ve learned how feedback is critical before running ads. What he did was to find out his buyer persona. Several years back I did something similar when I first started selling on Amazon. I specialized in the outdoor and camping niche. I spent a lot of time at REI. I went to aisles where our products were sold and simply talked to people. I asked questions about products they intended to purchase and why they wanted to purchase them. I talked about the products I was considering and concerns I might have. I asked for their opinions. I had conversations with them to help me learn how to run more effective ads based on their feedback. Get audience feedback. It is the most critical step before running your ads.

How you can best utilize test marketing to benefit your eCommerce business

The first and most crucial step is to test, test, test! Take images, for example - 80 percent of clicks result from images. Test the lead. Ask yourself, “What line is actually going to draw my audience in?” Spend the money needed to test different types of hooks - different leads. When you find something that works, you’re getting social proof - your audience is liking, commenting, and sharing. You have a better idea of what actually gets people to click. Learn from my experience. Use testing and social proofing so you know what will work.

Writing successful ads - how you can become one of the best

There is no magic formula. The secret to running successful ads is running a lot of tests. You can do this affordably and in a short amount of time. You collect enough information to scale your ads. Start this TODAY. It will make an incredible difference in your Facebook ads. Learn from Tim Ferriss - test titles, test images, go hang out in a store that sells your product - talk to people. You will see the great benefit in having some conversations.

Outline of This Episode

[0:30] Why aren’t my Facebook ads working?
[1:35] Social proof and how to use it
[5:18] What is the best test marketing to ramp up your eCommerce business?
[6:28] How to make a massive impact on your Facebook ads

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