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Nov 15, 2019

How can music relate to the fundamentals in business? If I tapped out the beat of a song, what is the likelihood of you guessing what it is? A study was done about this and it was expected that 50 percent of people would be able to recognize a song, but only 2.5 percent were able to identify it. When I tap out a song, I already know the melody in my head. But to you, it just sounds like random tapping. When I tap out a song, I already know the melody in my head. But to you, it just sounds like random tapping. 

It’s the same in the world of business. When you launch your product for the first time, you need to get your audience’s attention. You know all the time that went into choosing that product but others don’t. You know the melody of your “song,” while others just hear noise. Listen to this episode to find out how to make your music known by differentiating your product. 

What are the five fundamentals in business?

If you’ve been listening to me over the years, you have heard me talk about these five fundamentals. But it’s important to realize that having a passion for learning about them isn’t enough. You must have a passion for executing these in your business:

  • Unique selling proposition
  • Irresistible offer
  • Unique value proposition
  • Unique experience proposition
  • Unique safety proposition

Listen now to find out the best way to implement these into your business TODAY. Learn how to connect your audience with your brand and be ready for great results.

How to define your unique selling proposition (USP)

Going back to the music analogy, the melody line is your USP. It’s the thing that differentiates you from the rest of the competition. One of the best descriptions of how USP can be summed up is a phrase that answers the question, “Why should I, the prospect, do business with you given all the other choices available in the marketplace?” Learn from other brands and see what they’re doing. Find out in this episode some of the best methods on how to define your USP. 

Learn how to use your unique value proposition and irresistible offers to draw customers in

Your unique value proposition (UVP) points out why your product has value. It’s your job to make the value of your product so high that it dwarfs the price. Focus on what value you can bring to the customer. Think of creative ways of how you can put products together so that the sum of them becomes more valuable than each individual part. Listen to this episode to hear more about the importance of UVP and creating irresistible offers. Learn how you can use these to keep your customers coming back for more.

Find out how to create raving fans

So many sellers focus solely on acquisitions - which of course are vital to driving growth. But to ensure success, you MUST become passionate about the post-purchase experience. This is where the unique experience proposition comes in. When customers have a positive experience with you, they’ll become raving fans and your strongest advocates. Along with building these relationships, you must also ensure buyers that there’s no risk in the transaction. Find out how you can make them feel safe and ready for the purchase.

In your business, it doesn’t matter what stage you’re in. Always start here with the fundamentals. Differentiate and grow your brand by implementing these TODAY!

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:15] What does music have to do with your business?
  • [6:48] Define your unique selling proposition to stand out from the competition
  • [10:00] How your unique value proposition draws customers in
  • [12:04] Create raving fans with your unique experience proposition
  • [13:27] Build confidence in your buyers with your unique safety proposition

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