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Sep 13, 2019

One of your main goals as an eCommerce seller is maintaining a low bounce rate. Bounce rate is the percentage of people who immediately leave your page after they land. In this episode, I tell you how focusing on this one statistic can impact your business. In both golf and business, it’s not only a test of skill but a mental exercise. Listen now to find out how improving your golf game can increase conversions as well. 

Make your prospects stick the landing

It’s not about having a gimmick that keeps prospects on your page. That may help your stats improve, but it doesn’t make people more likely to purchase your product. You want prospects to land on your page and “stick.” Listen to this episode to hear detailed steps on how to get buyers to stay on your page. 

The number one priority - know your buyer persona

To get your bounce rates down, you must first define who you’re selling to. I can show you a system to follow. Listen to this episode to find out how to get a clear picture of who your ideal buyer is. You’ll learn the best ways to reach that buyer by knowing their needs and desires. Find out how to keep them coming to your page again and again.

The importance of good propositions and how to match them with your buyers

Why should a buyer choose your product over all others in the market? Learn how to match your buyer persona with your propositions. Listen now to learn how to use special offers and find out how to get more profitable conversions. 

Low bounce rates = increased sales

Conversions rise when you start tracking your bounce rate. Your bounce rate is a metric you track over the long term. That one statistic becomes your baseline. Find out how to engage your buyers and turn them into repeat customers. Listen to this episode to learn how to achieve a low bounce rate and increase sales.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:47] Find out how a movie and golf will help you make more money
  • [4:43] Learn why the number one statistic to track in eCommerce is your bounce rate
  • [7:06] Focus on these three things to bring your bounce rate percentage down
  • [9:28] Make more conversions by lowering your bounce rate

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