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Nov 29, 2019

We all have superpowers - the problem is that most of us don’t recognize them as such. We need others to point them out to us. This episode is about that - and it’s sparked by a conversation I was having with a friend just this week. He’s feeling down, like it’s hard for him to get himself into the game and I totally understand the feeling. I want you to hear what I shared with him because I think it’s powerful. If you can do this one thing you’ll equip yourself with the tools you need to pull yourself out of that slump every time it happens.

Give yourself permission to feel down. On the other side of pain is tremendous power

Before we get too far into this, I want you to understand something - nobody can be motivated and “up” all the time. Life simply isn’t that way. In spite of the impression we get from Instagram, nobody’s life is perfect and happy all the time. And here’s the good news - it’s OK to feel down. We need to learn how to let the pressure off of ourselves and quit expecting that we should be full of motivation and energy all the time and give ourselves permission to be down when the time comes. When we can do that - and work through the painful down time - we’ll find tremendous reserves of power available on the other side.

Start with the 5 core elements you need as a human being

One last thing before I tell you what I told my friend. As human beings we all need 5 core elements to be well adjusted and healthy. Too often we jump to radical things like therapy or fasting or a crazy eating plan when all we really need to do is focus on these 5 basics consistently.

What are they? Water, sleep, movement, diet, and air. I spend a small portion of this episode explaining what I mean by each of those and why they are so important. If you take nothing else away from this podcast but can get yourself going in the right direction with these 5 things, you’ll be doing well.

Do you know what a swipe file is?

The concept of a swipe file comes from the famous copywriters who have made their money by fashioning headlines, marketing campaigns, and advertisements. They would pay attention to the other marketing and branding going on around them and keep examples of things that inspired them or that they thought were particularly brilliant. When they were ready to create their next piece of work, they would not start from scratch. They’d go to that swipe file and begin pursuing the ideas that had made them want to do great work themselves. Without fail, they’d find some ideas to put together that would serve as fuel for their current project.

Keep that concept in mind as I reveal what I told my friend. He needs to create what I call a “superpower swipe file.”

What the heck is a superpower swipe file?

Along the lines of a traditional swipe file that any entrepreneur, writer, or business owner might create, you can and should create your own personal swipe file. It’s not for capturing great business ideas - it’s for capturing the great things that are said about you, your services, and your products. When people praise us, we need to do more than just say “thank you.” We need to pay attention. And if we are able to pay attention over time - by keeping the notes, emails., etc. - we’ll be able to encourage ourselves with the truth of what others have seen in us, on the spot, when we need it. My friends - please start your superpower swipe file today. 

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:37] The reason I’m sharing this topic with you
  • [1:23] The feeling of being stuck, being out of the game, without motivation
  • [2:01] Give yourself permission to feel down
  • [3:32] Nature is a tremendous resource for resetting your mood
  • [4:55] 5 core elements everyone needs
  • [8:08] Create a superpower swipe file
  • [12:52] And about a business swipe file...  

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